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We're a specialist geothermal wireline solutions provider.



For short term exploration projects HADES can organise and deploy rental tools with experienced engineers to achieve a low cost, high quality reliable service specifically for your remote operation. 

Existing geothermal operations can benefit from facilitated introduction of new services and a review of operational and maintenance procedures backed up with ongoing support.


We are a small, hard-working team of experienced freelance geothermal wireline engineers. We specialise in deploying geothermal imaging tools in remote locations and have more experience in high temperature geothermal well imaging than any other. Our network of suppliers, procurement and operational advice, high temperature modifications, training and support will ensure your wireline service upgrade is achieved quickly. 


HADES’ mission is not to become a competing service company at your location. Instead, we work to achieve great results by integrating with local service companies to enable access to services that are not already locally available. In the absence of local equipment and support, HADES can import winches and personnel. This is the lowest cost solution for remote geothermal operations. For long term sustainable deployment we offer consulting, procurement advice, commissioning, training and support.

HADES provides a range of services to facilitate the introduction of new services. From marketing presentations, establishing networks from suppliers to analysts, high temperature modifications, deployment and recovery training or services through to ongoing support; you will profit from our practical knowledge. Reduce the risk and learn direct from the professionals. 


HADES can tailor a proposal for your operation. 
Find out what it will really cost you. Our business model is a long term, sustainable solution that delivers low unit cost,
high quality surveys.

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